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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The lack of Infrastructure rears it's ugly head in Toronto again and it's only getting worse

Two city beaches have been closed for swimming ahead of Canada Day weekend after Toronto Public Health found elevated levels of E. coli in the water.
The provincial safety standard for E. coli is less than 100 parts per 100 millilitres of water and on Friday the E. coli level at Sunnyside Beach was recorded at 295 while the E. coli level at Cherry Beach was recorded at 168.
As a result, Toronto Public Health is advising people to swim at the beaches at their own risk.
The warning is in effect until further notice.
Mean while: Sat and even days before that going from the East to The West left over 16,000 with out power in the East while just yesterday the west end bounded by St. Clair West, Dupont, Davenport, Lawsdowne and Dovercourt saw thousands without power. All of this just after Toronto recovered from flooding days ago. Lets not talk about the chaos that winter brought to the City with ice storm and power outages that lasted for days that almost crippled the City. Too many cars and trucks on the roads, (most of which need repairs), no proper standards of housing which makes it a free for all for landlords to rent to people and have them living in harsh conditions, too many people on subways and buses in the City, are just some of the problems this City has to tend to before a real disaster happens. 

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