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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Federal Liberals lay claim to Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina

OTTAWA – The Liberals have wrested the iconic downtown Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina out of the hands of the New Democrats.
It was a vindication of an all-out Liberal effort to steal the riding, which had been held since 2006 by Olivia Chow, widow of beloved former NDP leader Jack Layton.
Liberal Adam Vaughan, a star recruit and popular former city councillor, managed to outlast social activist Joe Cressy, opening up a 13-point lead over his NDP rival with 65 per cent of polls reporting.
The seat became vacant after Chow resigned to run for mayor.
Elsewhere in Monday’s byelections, Liberal Arnold Chan defeated Conservative Trevor Ellis in the east Toronto riding of Scarborough-Agincourt, while Tory John Barlow beat Liberal rival Dustin Fuller in the southern Alberta riding of Macleod.
In Alberta’s oilsands heartland, meanwhile, Tory front-runner David Yurdiga was declared winner over Liberal Kyle Harrietha in Fort McMurray-Athabasca, with Yurdiga taking nearly 48 per cent of the votes to Harrietha’s 34 per cent.
Canada Press
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