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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cops Assault & Arrest Reporters Covering the Mike Brown Protesting In Missouri

Current News - In a breaking development in the Ferguson, Missouri protests against the police killing of Mike Brown, two reporters have been arrested. The reporters were covering the unrest when they found themselves physically assaulted and arrested by police on Wednesday.
Ryan Reilly, a justice correspondent for The Huffington Post, as well as Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery  had been on the property of a McDonald’s, down the street from the protest, when a SWAT team took over the restaurant and arrested the reporters when they refused to stop recording their actions.
Recording police officers is an absolutely LEGAL act, but this didn’t stop the police from arrested and physically abusing the reporters.
Lowery was shoved by SWAT cops into a soda machine. Another bashed Reilly’s head against glass.
After news of their arrest broke, police realized they had made a big public relations mistake and released the journalists.
Speaking to MSNBC about the incident Reilly said that the officers “essentially acted as a military force” against the people. This is a classic case of illegal, false arrest.
Stay tuned and hold the Ferguson police and SWAT accountable for their criminal actions. The situation in Ferguson is not even close to winding down.
(Article by James Achisa)
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