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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Days Later & The Double Standard & The Unanswered Question Still Surrounds The Death Of Georgia Walsh in Toronto

This post is updated from the original post 
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Update from the star peports: A 50-year-old man was charged Thursday with careless driving in connection with the death of Georgia Walsh, daughter of Conservative Party president John Walsh.
The seven-year-old died from severe head trauma after she was struck July 16 by a turning vehicle. Her death prompted an outpouring of support from the Leaside community, with dozens of residents holding a vigil in her memory.
I feel for the parents and know first hand about the experience of loosing a child. It's all nice and good everyone showed support, the community came out, money got raised for the community but only one question remains: 
Was the child alone at the intersection when the man with his van hit Georgia Walsh? What was the circumstances leading up to her getting hit.
Various media reports indicate police confirming the child was alone but the mother was in the area, one even made reference to her being on the other side of the street bouncing along. The point is there was not much clarity in the events that led up to the death of Georgia. It's not rocket science here, the media or the Toronto Police need to just answer the question and lay this to rest.
What was the circumstances before the van hit poor Georgia?Who was she in care of, Was 7 year old Georgia Walsh left alone not within arms reach? Was she left alone without making provisions for her care and supervision that is reasonable at a major intersection that is dangerous especially when residents of that community was always complaining about it because they feared for the safety of children, teenagers, and senior citizens.

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