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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Extraordinary Moment Commuters Lift Train To Save Trapped Passenger

This is what it looks like when people become greater than the sum of their parts – by rallying together in the face of crisis.
Australian commuters boarding a rush-hour train in Stirling Station, near Perth, launched into action when a fellow passenger slipped and became trapped between the train and the platform.  The extraordinary footage shows them team up to lift the train away from the platform and release the stricken man.
It being Australia, some passengers took a moment to have a laugh – tweeting ‘Mind the gap!’ with this image:
A001 - Copy
But the giggles done with, the platform worked together to free the poor chap.
First, passengers gathered on the opposite side of the train to shift weight away from his trapped leg.  This failed, so they moved to physically lift the train away from him in a tipping action.
He is freed and the train almost immediately fills with commuters, ready to carry on with their journey to work.
Hats off Australia, seriously.
You can see the entire incident unfold in the footage below.

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