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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ferguson Cop Screaming at Peaceful Protesters " Bring It You F*cking Animals"

Plain Clothed Ferguson Cop: ‘Bring it you f*cking animals’

CCN - On the evening of August 10, Missouri police blocked off streets and brought out the dogs, assault rifles, tear gas, gas masks, tanks and riot gear, yelling “bring it on you fucking animals” at the crowd of peaceful protesters who had assembled to exercise their Constitutional rights.
A woman who was 6 months pregnant was violently pulled out of her car, then forced to lay face down, with assault weapons pointed weapons at her.
The video of the incident shows a Caucasian officer telling Ferguson residents, mostly African Americans, to “bring it, all you fucking animals”:
While a similar video of a St. Ann’s officer aiming his assault rifle at protesters and threatening “I will fucking kill you,” has resulted in his indefinite suspension, it remains to be see what impact this video, if any, will have on the officers involved.
Watch the footage below and spread the word.
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