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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Former Navy SEALS Deploying to #Ferguson Along With Special Ops Contractors

Breaking: Special Ops Contractors & Former Navy SEALS Deploying to #Ferguson

Posted by Jim Hoft 

Asymmetric Solutions is a Division of Applied Defense Technologies. The St. Louis-based company is staffed by combat experienced SpecOps vets, including: Army Green Berets, Army Delta, Navy SEALs, SEAL 6, and Agency SOF. The company offers a real-world training environment with exceptional instructors on self defense from criminal violence.

 On Tuesday Assymetric Solutions tweeted out that they were being deployed to Ferguson, Missouri.
Missouri-based private security contractor Asymmetric Solutions, which employs elite former U.S. military special operators, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that the company is deploying a “high threat team in our own city”.
When responding via Twitter to a request for information, a spokesperson said “we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”
Hat Tip Andrea Shea King
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