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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From The Basement, The Diaries Of A.J. Mills by @thekiddrizz

"F--k A Genre, F--k a Bio, I know who I am and what I've done. It's not like anyone cares anyway right? For this album or Mixtape (and I call it a Mixtape not because I skipped out on Quality, freestyled verses or jacked beats) because it's a FREE album. I wanted to get away from what I thought people wanted to hear and just do what I started out doing 10 years ago. What I feel, what I like, and maybe some will like it too. I love Hip Hop even tho she don't love me back and I love Music all together. When Labels and Execs tell you that you got it and your next but you are still coming from the basement, you gotta just do what makes you happy."

- The Kidd Rizz
1 – Off The Meds (Intro)
2 – A.D.D.
3 – Let’s Get Naked
4 – Wise Up (Skit)
5 – I’m Number 1 (In My Mama’s Basement)
6 – W.B.S.             
7 – Mad World
8 – Now I See
9 – Lost Girl, Lost Boy
10 – Never Let You Go (Skit)
11 – If I Can’t Have You
12 – Something’s Missing (Outro) (Produced By Stephan Muldrow)
13 – Made It Ma (Skit)

Artist: The Kidd Rizz (@thekiddrizz)

Album Title: From the Basement, The Diaries Of A.J. Mills

Label: The Outfit Records

Genre:Hip Hop

Album: From The Basement, The Diaries Of A.J. Mills
Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!
Instagram - @thekiddrizz
Twitter - @thekiddrizz
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