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Friday, August 01, 2014

Gaza market area bombed, even when there's a ceasefire - where is the humanitarian world?

 Its ceasefire , yes ceasefire , everyone is happy, " Four hours without bombs and explosions " a women said  . Some people turned back to their evacuated houses in order to check on their area and to have a look at their burned, damaged houses .  While other people went to look for their lost children and families who have been under the rubble for days and days , others went to mourn their families, children , and friends. while others went to the markets to get food, and medicine. This was the scene of the Gaza Strip on Monday July 30.
Walking peacefully on the streets people suddenly started hearing bombs , explosions, F16 everywhere, everyone is in a shock , isn’t it Ceasefire? What is going on? People started asking each others. Well the answer is obvious in Gaza people have no rights at all , the international world is standing disgraced and blinded eye in front of the crimes and massacres Israel is committing in Gaza , Israel is practicing its evil and no one is caring about what's going on the Gaza strip.
The Israeli army bombed the market of Al-Sujaiyya neighborhood in Gaza City. Latest reports say there was at least 17 Palestinians killed, including a journalist and two paramedics. Shujaeya neighborhood is one of the oldest and biggest neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip . Since the beginning of the war Israel has been targeting every single house in this area , it's a totally different place now , all the houses are damaged in this neighborhood, massacres happened in this neighborhood. One of the injured said " The fire hit one of the shops, and started to spread to all the market," he said. "We ran to help fight it ... suddenly the cannon shells started to hit all of us while we were rescuing people." Hundreds of  people died in this neighborhood , and many of them are still under the rubble since the first day of the war.
Thousands of families are displaced from their houses now and are left homeless on the streets, hospitals or even at United Nations schools. The Israelis are committing deliberate acts of mass murder in the Gaza Strip, when is it time for the world to act and do something about it ?

By : Alaa Hammouda
North Gaza 
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