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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

In India, a teen girl delivered a swift blow of justice to her rapist, severing his penis completely with a knife

The rapist – who is also her uncle – is now being sought out by detectives who applaud the teen for her “courage.”
According to Madhepura district police, the young woman is around 17 years old, and had been raped last month. The uncle happened to be a local tantrik (someone who practices ancient rituals), and her parents took her to see him after she fell ill in hopes that he would heal her. The uncle believed she was being influenced by a supernatural power and the “cure” he dreamt up involved gagging and raping his niece.
The girl didn’t tell anyone about the rape, and her family didn’t suspect a thing because the uncle was a trusted family member. However, when the teen’s parents made her visit her uncle again, she was armed and ready with a cell phone and a knife. This time, she recorded their conversation and when he tried to rape her a second time, she cut off his penis and escaped.
With her evidence in tow, the young woman went to the village council to report the rape, but they didn’t handle the situation adequately. Unsatisfied, she then went to female police officers at a local station. Senior officer AK Singh, superintendent at the Alam Nagar police station, said:
“The incident happened 20 days ago. Initially the girl went to the [village council] but when that was unable to resolve the matter the case was brought to me. We then filed a case at the women’s police station.” [source]
Singh reported that after the incident, the attacked ran off and than detectives are now trying to track him down. When Singh was asked if the young woman would have any charges filed against her, he simply said:
“Why should we file a case against her? We should applaud her bravery and courage.” [source]
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