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Thursday, August 21, 2014

John Oliver Rips Apart The Ferguson Cops Using Comedy

John Oliver Comedically Destroys The #Ferguson Police Department

CCN- Comedian John Oliver devoted a large chunk of his HBO show Last Week Tonight on Sunday to the ongoing abuses by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Much of Oliver’s scathing critic was focused in a poignant 15-minute monologue on the militarization of local police departments across the United States.
Oliver’s critique of Ferguson police abuses was partially due to the over-militarization of all police departments he explained.
Oliver also noted that this isn’t the first time St. Louis police have been criticized for targeting African American residents. Last year, the St. Louis County Lieutenant was also highlighted for saying things like, “Let’s make the jail cells more colorful.”
Watch the video below to see Oliver take rogue cops from Ferguson and St. Louis area apart piece by piece…

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