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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Save The Children Lists Names Of Every Child Killed In Gaza In Full Page Ads In Newspapers Across the UK

In a heartbreaking message, Save The Children took out an advertisement in several national UK newspapers. In it, they listed the names and ages of every child killed in the continuing attacks on the Gaza Strip from July 8th to August 3rd.
Calling the deaths of so many “an outrage” Save the Children’s chief executive Justin Forsyth had this to say.
To see the names of the children, some as young as a few months, written in stark black and white brings home the tragedy that has befallen Gaza’s children.
One child’s death is too many; 373 is an outrage that is a stain on the world’s conscience.
We condemn all indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Gaza and Israel and by publishing these names, we are reminding the world of the urgent need to push for a permanent ceasefire.
We must ensure that no more young lives are needlessly sacrificed.
The cease-fire in Gaza has held so far, but nobody knows for how long. The last truce collapsed within hours The current cessation of hostilities comes as peace talks commence in Cairo. The results of these talks are still to be determined. Representatives from the five largest Palestinian factions already in Cairo, the stage is set for a very tense negotiation.
One of the points of the negotiation is the next Palestinian election – namely that there has not been one since the 2006 election which gave Hamas such control in the region. They came into power when the largest political party, Fatah, was overcome with internal strife just before the last elections.
If they fail to reach an accord, this list will continue to grow needlessly. These children never had an opportunity to grow up, thanks to the wars begun by old men. A solution must be established, or else this cycle will continue, and this list will grow.
Here is Save the Children’s advertisement:

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