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Friday, September 05, 2014

Cops beat down another cop for doing his job

Cop Gets Stolen Guns Off Street, Other Officers Violently Attack Him For It

Recently, a Philadelphia police officer has found himself attacked by fellow officers after he tried to turn in the guns from a violent acquaintance in what he says was a proactive attempt to stop violence.
The Philadelphia Daily News reports that lawsuit filed against the Philadelphia Police Department by Sgt. Brandon Ruff on Monday says that he was attacked by fellow officers. As a result of the attack, Sgt. Ruff suffered two sprained shoulders, as well as two sprained wrists.
The lawsuit further alleges that this was all the result of his voluntary turning in of stolen guns that a friend had told him he bought from teenagers.
Back on August 3, Sgt. Ruff explained officers at the 35th District station in Philly that the firearms were being turned in as part of the “no-questions-asked” policy of the department. 
“I was working with this guy. He said he was interested in submitting firearms to me because he’d rather the kids have money to eat,” Ruff said to local WCAU.
But officers demanded to see his ID, even though that is against the policy for turning in illegal guns. He asked to see a supervisor
“I said ‘You don’t need my information.’ I asked for a supervisor. I was not acting as a police officer at the time,” he relayed. “I’m just doing this anonymously in good faith.”
No supervisor appeared. That’s when he left. But the officers chased him down and attacked him.
“There he is,” one said, as another officer restrained him, twisting his right hand behind his back. Two of the five officers who attacked him held Tasers to his chest, threatening to deploy them.
“One officer says ‘I’m f-ing tasing you.’ I said, ‘If you tase me, I’m going to sue you,” Sgt. Ruff explained.
After Ruff was detained for seven hours, detectives from Internal Affairs told him he was now assigned to desk duty. The department also seized his own firearms.
Now the 8-year police veteran says he doesn’t if he will ever be able to return to duty.
“I just want them to investigate it fairly,” he continued. “Helping the community has been my passion since I’ve been on the job.”
If you’re ever wondering where “all the good cops are,” this might be your answer: they are being attacked by rogue cops for doing their jobs, and then they are assigned to desk duty.
(Article by Jackson Marciana)
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