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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help Us Help Low Income Families For The 2014 Holiday - Christmas Season

The Team here at the Toronto Post along with The Peoples Media Group is proud to join Danny Downey & Associates and other Community Partners to help fundraise to help low income families and the less fortunate here in the Toronto & The GTA. They know who to be helping they have been doing it for 15 Years.

 Many people are in great 

need during this time of year, more so this year as Child 

poverty in Toronto has reached “epidemic” levels. Help us 

to help those families who are trying to plan and hope for a 

happy Christmas and holidays for the family that will be 

challenging when they  lack the financial resources to 

celebrate properly with their children. 

You can help us make the difference this year for a needy family,
Your purchase of a Medium Rectangle 300x250 at $50.00 will see that $50.00 go directly to assisting a needy families here in Toronto and the GTA. Not only will your ad (with a link back to the url address you provide) stay on the front page of the post from the start of purchase till January 1, 2015 you will also get complimentary tweets and promotion across the net through our network of network partners till then as well. Trust Me - well worth it while you support a family in need.

If You not wish to advertise you are still free to make a donation, every dollar will help.

It should be noted that this is not in any way associated with a charity, tax receipts, it is just a simple people power project to help make the Holiday Christmas Season Just a little bit easier for some families in Toronto & The GTA, if you have any ideas, suggestions or have questions please feel free to contact us at 

We will keep you updated with real time results from the start to finish of this project.
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