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Thursday, September 04, 2014

How Can People Sleep After Supporting The Cop Who Raped 8 Or More African American Women

Money Pours In For Cop Who Raped EIGHT African American Women

CCN - The NAACP is requesting that the Justice Department file hate crime charges against an Oklahoma City police officer. The cop in question is accused of raping eight African American women. Because all of the victims are African American, the NAACP argues that this serial criminal activity should be viewed as racially motivated.
The officer is a former Eastern Michigan University Football player, Daniel Ken Holtzclaw. A 27-year-old Oklahoma City police officer today, he is still said to frequently recount his glory days on the field. But now he is being asked to recount the details of his criminal activity to investigators.
Holtzclaw is said to have threatened his victims with arrest if they refused to have sex with him. The officer, however, didn’t seem to think this was actually rape until he was arrested and charged with the crime last Friday.
Now Holtzclaw has been brought up on several criminal counts. Two of those are  counts of first degree rape, with four additional counts of forcible oral sodomy, and four more counts of sexual battery.
The African American victims ranged, between 34 and 58 years old. 
One victim told police that Holtzclaw actually broke into her home back in March, then kicked her boyfriend out at gun point, and then raped her.
The Oklahoma police have tripped over themselves to defend Holtzclaw, even starting a fundraiser for the rapist cop.
The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police has released an official statement coming out in full support of Officer Holtzclaw
While Holtzclaw’s bail is set at $5 million, his attorney has requested a reduction. Supporters are flooding accounts set up for his legal fees, which may or may not be enough to help him make bail.
While the huge number of victims is astonishing, District Attorney for Oklahoma County, David Prater, said that he actually expects more women to come forward and file charges against Officer Holtzclaw.
(Article by Jackson Marciana)
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