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Friday, September 19, 2014

If you're still defending these rogue cops at this point, then you have some explaining to do

Police Beat Down a 12-Year-Old Girl In Front of Her House, Claiming She Was a ‘Prostitute’

If you're still defending these rogue cops at this point, then you have some explaining to do. To add insult to injury, the cops charged the girl with assault!

By now you have probably heard about African-American actress Danièle Watts being detained over the weekend when Los Angeles Police suspected her of prostitution for kissing her Caucasian husband. But did you know that police in Galveston, Texas had beaten a 12-year-old girl when they mistook her for a prostitute?
It all happened on the night of August 22, 2006. Then 12-year-old Dymond Milburn had been sent outside of her home to pull a switch when a circuit breaker was set off, causing her house to lose electricity.
While outside of her house, a van rolled up, and a man inside yelled: “You’re a prostitute! You’re coming with me!”
The young girl tried to run, then tried to get away from the man. She screamed for her father, but by the time Dymond’s father realized what was happening, his daughter was already being beaten by police officers.
Officer David Roark was holding his hand over the mouth of Milburn when her father came to the balcony of the house, hearing his daughter’s cries for help.
Other officers assaulting the girl, Justin Popovich and Sean Stewart, were busy beating Dymond in her face, head and throat.
Far from just being a few rogue cops, even their supervisor Sgt. Gilbert Gomez, looked on in approval.
“That’s our daughter. She’s twelve,” Milburn’s parents yelled.
Officer Roark retorted, “I don’t care if she’s twenty-two, thirty-two, or forty-six.”
Police took her away, delaying her ability to get checked out at the hospital. Officers showed up again at the girl’s school to charge her with resisting arrest and even assaulting a police officer.
While this happened some time ago, and the family filed a law suit against the Galveston police, it has still never been resolved. They still have not reached a settlement.
Dymond, who is now 20, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from the incident, along with reoccurring nightmares.
Article by Jackson Marciana)
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