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Monday, October 13, 2014

After A Week-long acid trip this Washington man ends up in jail, ending his crime spree

Tom Boggioni
A Washington man on a week-long acid trip faces multiple charges after going on a drug-fueled crime spree that ended when one of his victims drove him to McDonald's so he could get a soda. George Jacobson,23, is charged with multiple crimes including robbery, kidnapping, burglary, and theft of a firearm and is currently being held in Pierce County Jail with bail set at $1 million, according to Fox 13

According to authorities, they received their first report on Jacobson's antics on Sept. 26 after receiving two callas from home owners who encountered him on their property. The first victim found Jacobson in his barn holding a single black rubber boot. Asked what he was doing, the homeowner said Jacobson walked outside, bent down, and put his hands in the air. After the homeowner threatened to "sic his dogs on him," Jacobson reportedly ran off. 

Jacobson then showed up inside a neighbor's house where he drew a gun on the woman of the house, while muttering "mean neighbor." Asking him what he wanted, Jacobson requested the woman make him a sandwich, which she did. As he ate the sandwich, Jacobson showed the woman the boot explaining he was on a "spiritual journey" and the "boot contained his jewels." 

The woman's husband arrived a short time later and they convinced him to leave, and drove him to the end of their driveway where they dropped him off. After returning home, the couple discovered Jacobson had stolen a handgun from their house. Police responding to the two calls were unable to locate Jacobson using K9 tracking dogs. 

Jacobson was spotted once again on Oct. 3 rummaging through a car at the Brighton Creek Conference Center before running off leaving items such as knives in the car. A short time later he entered another home, taking the homeowner's wallet and keys, before stealing her car and driving it into a ditch a few miles down the road. 

Jacobson then entered another house where pointed a gun at the homeowner and demanded he be given a ride. Jacobson requested the victim drive through a McDonald's so he could get a drink, after which the driver dropped him off and he was taken into custody by police. 

Police said Jacobson explained that he "prefers meth," and had taken a batch of acid causing him to go on a bad trip. Jacobson said he didn't remember anything about the week other than taking a person's car and being driven through a drive-thru by a "nice man." 

According to police, Jacobson has a history of felonies including robbery. He is expected in court this week.
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