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Monday, October 13, 2014

This Nurse is accused of killing 38 patients she found annoying

Officials said that a nurse in northeast Italy might have killed 

as many as 38 patients because she found them - or their 

relatives - annoying. 

Lina Batarags
Opposing Views

Daniela Poggiali, who lives in the town of Lugo, was taken 

into custody over the weekend. 

The 42-year-old nurse was booked for the alleged slaying of 

78-year-old patient Rosa Calderoni, who died from an 

injection of potassium. 

Calderoni had been admitted to the hospital with a routine 

illness before she died unexpectedly. 

As reported by the Central European News, tests showed 

that Calderoni died with a high amount of potassium - which 

can provoke cardiac arrest - in her bloodstream. 

Calderoni's death triggered an investigation, which 

reportedly revealed that 38 others had died mysteriously 

while Poggiali was on duty. 

Police have Poggiali's cellphone. NY Post reports that 

the phone contains a photo she had snapped a few 

months ago of herself; in it, she is giving a thumbs up 

next to a patient who had died moments earlier. 

"I can assure you that in all my professional years of seeing 

shocking photos, there were few such as these," said 

prosecutor Alessandro Mancini. 

According to CEN, one of Poggiali's fellow nurses described her as a "cold person but always eager to work." 

Another colleague said that the accused nurse was once 

reported for giving powerful laxatives to patients at the end 

of her shift to make work tougher for the nurses working 

after her. 

Daily Mail reports that Mancini said, "There are the other 

38 cases of suspicious deaths and, of these, 10 are very 


"Investigations are continuing, but there are insurmountable 

difficulties," Mancini said. 
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