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Thursday, November 27, 2014

David Suzuki, in his Blue Dot Tour

David Suzuki, in his Blue Dot Tour, makes a confession that could elevate my blood pressure if I think too much about it. Suzuki: “We stopped clear cut logging and dams that were going to be build and we celebrated our victories, and now I find that we are fighting the same battle again. So in many ways, I and others in the environmental movement failed. The underlying root causes of our destructiveness have not been dealt with.”
David Suzuki is a brilliant commentator, like in The Nature of Things, but as far as understanding why humanity is in this predicament, he still has no clue, or imagination.Judge for yourself if we could not have been a little better off today, if...
Since 1989 I have invited David Suzuki several times for a meeting of the minds. He wrote back in 1991, quote: “I’m afraid reading the material you sent me still leaves me mystified as to what your solutions are. No, I just don’t have a day to spend with you even though I have no solutions either.”
The late Editor Emeritus, Bruce Hutchison of the Vancouver Sun received the same material and wrote me in
1989 and 1990, praising my efforts and encouraged me to “continue your educational work. While it must be discouraging to receive few replies to your excellent thesis, I trust you will continue this work.”
During a quarter of a century I’ve sent to Suzuki, and later to his foundation a virtual goldmine of ideas.
Strangely, no foundation member has ever responded or expressed an interest to meet with an 78 year old thinker/researcher.
Could it be that Suzuki controls the foundation, just like Harper controls his caucus, and nobody dares to object? And the people and the country suffer the consequences.
A frequent letter writer said some time ago: “If the Suzuki Foundation represents the pinnacle of the environmental movement today, then this world is headed for not only financial and economic collapse but ultimately human extinction.”   Our word cannot take it anymore....
The letters of Hutchison and Suzuki are available per email attachment on request.
Gunther Ostermann
Kelowna,   250 765 8726
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