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Saturday, May 02, 2015

DonVic With The Madness

Artist: DonVic (@DonVic1088)

Song Title: Madness (85 BPM)

Produced By: Kelly Portis
Mix & Additional Production: Lea Reis (@inleasworld)
Label: Infinite Music Source

Genre: Hip Hop

Coming to you straight from CHIRAQ is DonVic. Nah, it's not trap music or what you might think. This hard knockin' track is just the introduction for the future of this new artist.
The first single from Chicago artist DonVic's debut EP entitled "888- Tha Truth I$- Chapter 1"
Now available on iTunes and wherever digital downloads are sold.

Official Soundcloud Link: 

Audio Mack Link:


For Licensing & Promo Info Contact: Greg Burke 804. 446. 1781
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