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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Woman Lynched In Police Custody After Minor Traffic Arrest & Media Remains Silent

The death of Sandra Bland has been sweeping social media over the past week. But there are two other very similar cases that have received relatively little attention, in the mainstream media or even social media.
We recently reported on the jail cell lynching of Kindra Darnell Chapman‬.
But before either of last week’s apparent executions, in police custody, Kimberlee Randle-King, of Maryland Heights, was accused by police of hanging herself with a T-shirt back on September 19th in a Pagedale jail cell, near St. Louis.
She died at a hospital, but friends and family are doubtful that there was any real attempt to save her. In fact, many are questioning whether Randle-King was murdered.
The hanged 21-year-old was held on minor traffic warrants, and allegedly one related to a minor disturbance involving another woman.
Stay tuned, bookmark this page and check back for updates, as this story is still developing and being investigated.
(Article by Shante Wooten and M. David)
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