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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Boy, 4, dead after falling from window of Thorncliffe Park apartment in Toronto

CP24 - A four-year-old boy is dead after falling from a 15th floor window at a building in the city’s Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood Saturday afternoon.
Emergency responders were called to the building at 71 Thorncliffe Park Drive, near Overlea Boulevard, around 5:20 p.m.
Toronto Paramedic Services said they rushed one child to hospital with life-threatening injuries.
The child subsequently died of his injuries in hospital, a staff sergeant with Toronto police's 53 Division told CP24.
According to the child's uncle, the boy was playing with his mother’s cellphone when he climbed onto something in the apartment and fell through the window. The adults were apparently in another room at the time of the incident.
One resident at the building who ran out to try and translate for police told CP24 the family was gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan.
“I was in my apartment and all of a sudden I heard screaming, so I came out to the balcony and that’s when I saw the family and the little boy on the ground and they were screaming, yelling,” Abdelaziz Derdak said.
Some distressed residents were taken away on stretchers after learning the news.
It’s still not clear how the boy fell out of the window, which was not meant to open wide enough for anyone to fit through.
Abbas Kolia, the president of the building’s tenants’ association, told CP24 that safety locks were installed on all the windows in the building two years ago.
“It’s very sad news for our community,” Kolia said.
He stressed that more vigilance is needed to make sure kids in the building are safe.
“Parents must learn from this death today,” Kolia said. “It’s a very serious matter.”
He said some residents may have removed the safety locks to add air conditioning to their apartments and said every unit will be inspected going forward to make sure that the safety locks are in place.
The coroner attended the scene Saturday night, however police were not expected to comment until Sunday.
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