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Friday, December 11, 2015

The question is how much are Executives within all the Children's Aid Societies Ripping of The Government of Ontario for which they have not been caught

Sudbury CAS dropped $90K on hotel room for execs

Former executive director said she'll pay back some expenses

Colette Prévost, the former executive director of the Children’s Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin, admits has admitted she's the Children's Aid Society executive accused by Ontario's auditor general of “excessive and questionable spending” for a $90,000 Toronto hotel bill.

The Toronto Star has reported that Colette Prévost, who became the CEO of the York Region Children’s Aid Society in April, confirmed to the newspaper she's the unnamed executive in the report.

The Sudbury and Manitoulin CAS' current executive director, Elaina Groves, said the society's board approved a long-term hotel accommodation in Toronto to be used by Prévost and other society officials who routinely travel to Toronto.

According to the report, the unit wasn't utilized as anticipated.

Prévost told the Toronto Star she would be repaying some of the expenses. will be following up on this story.
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