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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Get Open - Reason b/w 4,2,1

Get Open is a Hip-Hop group formed in the late 90s in NYC. Composed of VonMeista, Zook, Kiambu & SibaGiba, the group has traveled and performed as headliners in Europe and the USA over the years. 
The crew is proud to present to you the IAM OPEN
Mixtape and Reason music video. Share and enjoy their first mixtape singles Reason b/w 4,2,1....

Artist: GET OPEN (@GetOpenMusic)

Song Title: Reason b/w 4,2,1 (Double Single)

Produced By: IAM
Album: Reason (Mixtape)
Label: Get Open Music/Def Jam France

Genre: Boom Bap Hip Hop

For Promo & Licensing Info Contact: Greg Burke 804. 446. 1781
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