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Monday, March 21, 2016

Man faces first-degree murder charge after dismembered body found in Thornhill Ontario

A 28-year-old Toronto man faces a first-degree murder charge after a dismembered body was found inside a home in Thornhill, Ont. north of Toronto on Sunday.
Police say two men walked into a Toronto police station Sunday evening and notified officers that a murder had been committed.
“Front line officers with Toronto police checked a couple of addresses and one of them being Laureleaf Road,” said York Regional Police Const. Andy Pattenden.
“That’s when officers discovered there was a crime scene and quickly contact York Regional Police.”
Police say there were several body bags that were removed from the residence.
“It was a pretty grisly scene,” said Pattenden.
Investigators say the body was found in a home that was under renovation.
The accused, whose identity has been withheld until he appears in court on Monday, has also been charged with indecent interference with a dead body.
The identity of the deceased has not been released as next of kin had yet to be notified.
A resident who lives across the street where the body was found said the home had four different owners the past five years.
“For the last five years they’ve been playing games there trying to make it different places of business,” said Dino, who did give out his last name.
“From a religious retreat, live-in centre, bible class, to rock and roll all night parties.”
He said the new owners were recently conducting renovations to the home.
“From day one, it’s been breaking bylaws, like demolition without permit,” Dino said. “But they’ve had constant work in there. Usually working weekends and nights. So the bylaw officers couldn’t catch them.”
Police are asking anyone with home security footage or information to contact York Region investigators or Crime Stoppers.
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