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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rob Ford The Mayor For Life & Mayor In Heaven

‘He’s the mayor of heaven now’ daughter says at Rob Ford funeral!

Rob Ford was remembered Wednesday as a rare politician with the common touch whose young daughter said is the “mayor of heaven now,” as hundreds of loyal supporters followed his casket procession and gathered in mourning outside his funeral in Toronto chanting Mayor 4 Life.
The service ended an unprecedented outpouring of public grief in the city for the controversial former mayor, whose often erratic behaviour in office earned him global notoriety.

Inside, eulogizers spoke of the connection Ford made with many residents, a bond forged through his little-guy appeal and the personal touch he took returning calls and ensuring their nuts-and-bolts problems were dealt with.
Ford’s 10-year-old daughter Stephanie said he “helped a lot of people. He was also a great dad.”
“He’s the mayor of heaven now,” she said in an unwavering voice, as her father’s casket sat below draped in the city flag. Ford’s widow Renata held Stephanie, weeping as she spoke.
Doug Ford said his brother was a political force unto himself — a “party of the people” supported by voters of all stripes.
“Rob was the champion of the teen. He was the champion of the immigrant, the union worker, the front-line worker” and the voice of the little guy, he said while fighting back tears.
“Rob truly believed he was the mayor of Canada, not the mayor of Toronto.”
The service is followed by a private ceremony for family members. A public “celebration of life” is being held in the evening at the Toronto Congress Centre.
Ford died last week from cancer at the age of 46.
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