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Monday, March 21, 2016

Smilz - R.I.P. The Mic

Artist: Smilz
Title:  R.I.P. The MIC
Genre: Hip Hop/ Underground Rap
Producer: E. Smitty
Label: Sound Alive Records
SoundCloud Link:
follow on facebook (steven Wilson) for updates on new music and shows. IG @smileySteven_OVE
Bio: Originally from Louisville KY, Smilz ambition is to bring his own unique style of conscious uplifting music to hip-hop through the vise of his life experiences.  He states,  "Good or bad. Everyone has experienced high and low points in life & just because you have resorted to different ways of getting by doesn't mean you are a bad person. Find your light and follow it!"  R.I.P. The MIC will be available on February 9th on #iTunes #Spotify #Googleplay
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