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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sudbury Children's Aid remains silent on $90K hotel bill other CAS'S have not been caught yet

Interview requests from CBC ignored or declined for the past four months  while the Children's aid society say they are  moving to change their reputation for secrecy

The Children's Aid Society of 
the Districts of Sudbury and 
Manitoulin continues to be 
silent on a $90,000 hotel bill 
racked up by its former 
Four months after being called out by Ontario's auditor 
general, the agency has ignored various media requests for a 
fuller explanation.
Children's aid societies are private organizations, run on
 public money, but are not covered by freedom of information
 laws or open to investigation by Ontario's Ombudsman.
As of last week yet another dog and pony show aired by the 
Ontario Government which Ontario's child and youth 
advocate, Irwin Elman has been signed on and he says they can 
now be investigated and continued saying he will be "Bringing 
fresh air into a house that's been shuttered for hundreds of 
years and drawing the drapes and letting sunlight in,".
Those investigation reports will be made public, but the 
advocate cannot lay charges, only make non-binding 
Also, Elman can only investigate complaints involving child 
welfare and not how the children's aid manages public money.
He says citizens who think the children's aid needs to be more 
accountable should keep the conversation going with their 
elected officials.
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