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Saturday, May 07, 2016

E. Smitty & Amenta Asylum - The EP (Audiomack Stream)

For Immediate Release:
With the climate of today's society and musical influences, it's rare to find a record that embodies both production and lyricism straight from the soul. E. Smitty & Amenta Asylum do that, and do it well. "The EP" is a 7 track banger, full length songs, no cheesy skits, solid record after solid record, nothing sounds like a frees-style or "parody" which is what much of music, especially hip hop has become. "Battle Cry" has eerie classical string production and hardcore lyrics to open up. "Ride Out II" you should do exactly that, ride out and pop that in system.....Florida natives Amenta Asylum are a hip hop duo consisting of Emcees Class_Sick & Mister Reis. They paint the pictures over always gritty production by E. Smitty, classic analog sound, dynamics, drums, bass, you hear it all. Something very different for your ears and chakras.   

TWITTER - @Amenta_Asylum

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