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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mysterious boxes found around Calgary Have A Sad Story Behind Them

Mysterious boxes found around Calgary contain money, woman's sad story
CALGARY — An intriguing mystery is unfolding at transit stations, bus stops and benches around Calgary.
People are finding mysterious packages and have been posting images of those findings on social media in an effort to discover who is leaving them behind.
One box found at a bus stop in a southeast neighbourhood contained a five-page anonymous note, $40 and a necklace.
Another one at the Chinook transit station had a note, a winning lottery ticket for $50  and an unlocked iPhone.
However, the letters have a sad story behind them.
The author is a woman who writes she escaped an abusive relationship and hoped purging the items would help her move on from her painful past and help someone else.
"The relationship I left was a relationship based on 'stuff,' " the woman writes in one note. "I decided to give up the stuff he gave me."
She says she is in the middle of a "brutal" custody battle over their three children, adding she has left "my home, my pets, my life."
The woman includes an email address with her letters so the finders of the boxes can contact her if they wish.
Three of the woman’s five packages have been found.
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