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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Spiteful Ex and in-laws doing nothing to facilitate a relationship with my child

I am a single father from the U.S who has a beautiful 4 year old little girl who is a Canadian citizen(Newfoundland). My daughter's mom and I were together for only a couple months before she became pregnant. I supported her 100% throughout the pregnancy even though she systematically was pushing me away.

A couple months after our daughter was born she abruptly took off to live with her parents in Goose Bay, Labrador forcing me to file for custody rights. It took 11 months to get in front of a judge while I went without even a picture of my infant daughter.

The first lawyer'd-up offer from "mom" was for me to walk away from our daughter if she agreed to not seek money. This was my unfortunate co-parenting starting point.
Over the following year and a half I realized access and custody rights however only on an "interim" basis. I am a perfectly qualified, responsible, record-free and willing father from a good family. After $100K in legal fees and a $50K trial looming I settled with "the mom" outside of court by Consent Agreement.

I now have joint/equal legal custody and 10 wks/yr physical custody. I pay $800/mo child support and incur 100% of the access costs. My access costs are approx $20K/yr just for travel.

42 weeks of my relationship with my daughter is via Skype or Facetime twice a week. If I happen to be in Newfoundland on the front or back end of my access and it's our day to Skype "the mom" forces me and Lucy-Quinn to Skype despite my request to spend the hour or two in person. She actually requires our very aware daughter to suffer through knowing her dad is across town but can only see him on a computer screen.

I feel this is cruel, alienating and somewhat abusive to our daughter on many levels. The "mom' is a classic Gatekeeper and keeps getting more and more brazen with her behavior while I continue to take the high road.

I am inclined to file in court to ask for the right of refusal to Skype vs spend the time in person.

Any thoughts about any of this?

It should be noted my ex is one of the former Miss Newfoundland, has been a spokesperson and mentor for the Pentecostal church, is currently involved with the Newfoundland Miss Achievement scholarship, a former RCMP pre-cadet, part aboriginal.....and her parents are both Pentecostal ministers. Her father currently holds the highest executive position within the Pentecostal denomination in Newfoundland.

Her parents have done nothing to help facilitate my relationship with my daughter despite taking full advantage of all the things I provided like: house, car, credit cards, etc. They act as though they should have the same rights as I do.
Suffice to say, hypocrisy is alive and well in this family.
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