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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

There is no Family in Family Law throughout Ontario

I don't want my name published because the mother will use it against my son for posting anything about family court but feel free to post my words anonymously: I have read you are looking for public feed back. I can tell you that the current family court system is appalling. My son has been fighting to keep in his child's life for two years. 

He didn't qualify for legal aid because he makes over 25000 but is on the verge of bankruptcy because of court costs and support payments based on the wages of a man who is under financial pressure to continue to fight for his life to maintain his bond with his little boy. The mother gets legal aid, subsidies as a single parent, tax breaks, can claim 100% of the day care costs that my son was ordered to pay for, and free legal help to just keep the battle going. Is my son to fold, give up, pretend he has no son?? 

No! He keeps on trying and fights an up hill climb sinking further into debt. If one estranged spouse is given legal aid the other spouse suffers if they are on the border threshold to qualify. In reality, he is surviving on less than his ex and in the end the only one will suffer for it all is the child. 

His education fund is gone, his fathers home soon will be gone. How is that at all in the best interest of the child , which is suppose to be the basis and purpose of the family ensure the best interest of the child is protected. Well i can say first hand the only thing not keeping the child's best interest is the current family court system. 

It is a sham and against human rights to put these men and their children through judicial hell. My son was a happy father, loving father and provider. A man with a wonderful future and business. He has been left a battered down soul. His accounts drained, bills piling up to lawyers and court costs. He tried to self rep. And his ex's lawyer brutally bullies him so back to yet another lawyer. 75,000 so far and not even a trial yet. Useless case conferences that do nothing but give room for perjury gone unpunished.lawyers who lie and twist for the cause of winning with no consideration of what the child is going through. 

No wonder men commit suicide by the numbers when they are suffocated by the bias and lop sided laws. First thing that needs to be done is abolish family court lawyers. Appoint a paralegal or mediator only to each side. 

Scrap the win win and the money making lawyers and realize this is about human lives, about families about innocent and vulnerable people. Family law should not be treated like a business. 

There is a need of a complete over haul. Judges need to be replaced by tribunals who are there to help, not destroy. There is much work to do and I wont see results in my life time but the time has come to take this seriously . One little boy is all it takes to make people affected to see something is horribly wrong

Re: Province Seeking Feedback To Make Family Legal Services More Accessible
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