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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Travaughn - Rest Of My Life

Travaughn - Rest Of My Life (Prod. By E. Smitty)

For Immediate Release:
Southwest Houston Native "Travaughn" delivers his 2nd single "Rest Of My Life" off of his fourth-coming AlbumWelcome To Infinity Set to release in August, feat. production by Atlanta Beatsmith "E. Smitty".  Travaughn lyrically slap boxes with the beat, while E. Smitty provides the feel good soundtrack with a little bit of today & yesterdays influence.  "My music is an esoteric expression of confirmed truths, that are meant to be beneficial to humanity". - Travaughn

Travaughn has always had a desire and interest in music. He feels that music has always been an innovative aspect of his life from an early age of rapping lyrics from Ludacris and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He did his first stage performance at the age of 13 for the United States Navy Center for Engineering Black History performance.  Travaughn wowed the audience with his lyrical style.  His first professional recording was at the age of 16 in San Diego California with the song “Girl you look good”.  Since then Travaughn has recorded many different songs and is currently working on his album.
His style for music favors consciousness and awareness regarding current state of life and the world.  His desire to refrain from profanity helps to strengthen his message and ideas.
Travaughn admires the style of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ludacris, Tupac and DJ Screw.

TWITTER - @Travaughn11
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