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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Mr.@JustinTrudeau By Real Mothers of Canada Shared Parenting

I watched you march for Equal Rights in the recent Toronto Pride Parade. I read many articles where you spoke about equality for the LGBT Community.
Family Law Governs a majority of Parents in Canada. Hundreds of Thousands of loving, willing and capable Parents are battling through the trenches of Family Court, paying for crooked Lawyers, refinancing their homes, going into debt, all to be included in their children's life's after divorce/separation, faced with a bias system and immoral Judges.
These parents are experiencing PTSD from years of Parental Alienation and abuse, false allegations of domestic violence which will secure one parent "sole-custody", enormous and unimaginable amounts of child support paid for minimal parenting time to your own children, certain cases none. They suffer from depression, addiction, self harm, all because they lost the "fight" to be included in their children's lives. Suicide in Men rises every year when faced with extraction from their home, children, and life-style after divorce.
The innocent children are the most victimized by this lack of equality in Family Courts. The natural right of a child is to love and be loved by BOTH Parents and Families, yet the majority of children after divorce end up living with one parent, while the other becomes a casual visitor against their will. Our Society is so quick to Judge on a "deadbeat" parent, yet how many walk away from their children against their will, pushed out with no support or help from our "equal" communities.
We have Generations of Children growing not knowing BOTH parents and Families because their is NO encouragement from our Government to include 2 parents, co-parents & families in raising children.
The Law Makers, Lawyers, and Judges profit from Parents Fighting and Battling in Family Court. They make millions $$$$ from the pain and suffering of our Families.
EQUALITY does not exist in Family Law, Family Court and Divorce Litigation. You Stand for LGBT Rights, Will you Mr. Justin Trudeau Stand for ours?? 50/50 Equal Parenting, the rights our children deserve!!!!
Imagine for one moment you divorced your wife yet only get to see your children every second weekend for 2 nights..... How Equal is that??..

The Real Mothers of Canada 
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