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Sunday, August 07, 2016

E. Smitty Feat. Sadat X & BeN iLLa - When The Smoke Clears

As the generational gap continues to widen, parents are getting younger & younger, the youth has become bolder, gone are the days of meaningful friendships & human interaction is replaced with iphones and androids.  E. Smitty &Sadat X paint the realistic image of today's society and the everyday problems that still plaque humanity.  This is the second single off of E. Smitty's upcoming Album "Hip Hop Time Capsule" & features newcomer BeN iLLa.  The production by E. Smitty features an array of today & yesterdays sound with a twist of melodic jazz saxophone.  "The generation gap divides us, critics say f*ck it anyway" says Sadat X as he reminds us that division is just an illusion.  "I'll Be Right Here When The Smoke Clears" - BeN iLLa. 

Twitter: @SadatX 
Twitter: @BeNiLLa_Music
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