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Sunday, August 07, 2016

@ItsMelodyRenee With Stay Focused the first single off of the Album "My Life, My Truth" available on iTunes August 24th.

Growing up in the inner city of Detroit drugs, addiction, violence & incarceration are a part of everyday life.Melody Renee had to endure many circumstances which were not in her control.  At the tender age of 4 she was put through tests that no child should have to experience.  With the coming of Age, Melody decided to make a better way of life for herself & to "Stay Focused" on the things that really matter.  Influenced by the poor decisions of her parents & her peers, She encouraged herself to never give up give up hope & pursue a career in music.   "Stay Focused" is an intimate look into the life of young girl as she over-comes tragedy and defeat to become a woman & follow her dreams.  Everyone knows somebody who has had to overcome circumstances that seem impossible to defeat.  Maybe you are that person and have transcended limitations to become an inspiration & a success story to others.  "Stay Focused" is the first single off of the Album "My Life, My Truth" available on iTunes August 24th.

Twitter: @ItsMelodyRenee

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