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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Nspire - Miss Me (Prod. By E. Smitty) (Official Video)

We have all dealt with fake and un-loyal 

friends and people in this 

life, NSpire expresses his frustration through

 his lyrics.  "Miss Me" a meaningful record 

that Nspire wrote for to help bring fourth 

resolution from having to let go of close 

friends and that cheating girlfriend that 

crushed your heart.  Sometimes you have to 

move on from toxic people & toxic 

situations, "Miss Me" is an ode to those who 

have hurt us & a reminder that they will miss 

us when we are gone.  E. Smitty provides the 
canvas while Nspire paints reality & his life 

experience with his polished lyrics.



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