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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Oso Steezy - Gas Pak

Oso Steezy - Gas Pak (Prod. By TrellGotWings)

Richmond, Virginia rap artist Oso Steezy has released his debut 

single, "Gas Pak." Produced by Atlanta music producer 

TrellGotWings, "Gas Pak" is a laid-back track that embodies the 

carefree nuances of new age hip hop.  Inspired to by his love of all 

music, Oso Steezy has been rapping since childhood and started 

osothecrew in high school. The 17-year-old AAU soccer player 


his mind set on something more than just creating trendy hip hop 

music, he was keen on creating a movement. A movement that 

welcomes people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds.  

From his lyrics to his rap style you can detect the genuine interest 

in his voice.   "It gives you a very smokey vibe, reminiscent of Wiz 

Khalifa's "Kush and OJ" mixtape. Roll one and bless your ears 

with the smooth sounds of "Gas Pak." We encourage you to like, 

comment, share and download the track." - Argen Lawson

Twitter: @ososteezy

Twitter: @ianuscouture 

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