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Friday, September 30, 2016

Seattle's Yirim Seck Takes On Police Brutality With New Single & Video

In the midst of police brutality and systematic racism, Seattle Hip-Hop Artist and Community activist, Yirim Seck has teamed up with Seattle producer QREEPZ to release his latest single, "WE CALL IT".  "WE CALL IT" is a candid depiction of the injustices people of color suffer from at the hands of law enforcement. On the heels of the most recent murders of Mike Sterling, Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher and Keith Scott, Yirim brings into focus the children who witness such atrocities and the psychological toll it has on them.

“WE CALL IT” is a call for systemic change.

Through this powerful single Yirim captures the emotions and concerns people of color are feeling all across the Diaspora.  His emotional delivery is supported by musical production that amplifies the power of the lyrics.  The video puts everything into perspective, illustrating the struggle parents face helping their children understand and process injustice in our world.  Filmed by Seattle native Note Work, look out for the official visual for "WE CALL IT" to be released Tue. September 27 2016, on  and streaming on YouTube at .

Artist: Yirim Seck
Single: We Call It (Murder)
Genre: Hip Hop/Seattle Hip Hop
Label: Afri-Coast Media

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