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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Travaughn - Eternal Song (Prod. By E. Smitty)

For Immediate Release:

When it comes to creativity, Houston Lyricist "Travaughn" brings a unique style of alternative Hip Hop, a mixture of consciousness, truths & powerful words.  With the assistence of talented singer/songwriter "Leandra" the duet paints the image of finding purpose in life, after over-coming the struggle to desire to stay alive by finding truth in oneself.  This is the 3rd single off the fourth-coming album "Welcome To Infinity", Travaughn linked up with Super Producer/Engineer "E. Smitty" for the entire project.  Each track was custom produced by Smitty, while Travaughn provided the touching lyrics and heartfelt stories to compile what is truly an Epic album.  The project is set to release this fall/winter & is a testament to the talent & versatility that Travaughn brings to the game.  The record will also be available on E. Smitty's fourth-coming Album "Hip-Hop Time Capsule" a project that Smitty created to help bridge the gap between the youth & the elders of Hip Hop.

Twitter: @Travaughn11


Twitter: @Sound_Alive_Rec

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