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Thursday, October 06, 2016

City Place Residents in Toronto Want Action Not More Talk & Promises

Investigation into City Place power outages up for debate at city hall

A recent spate of power outages at City Place will be among the topics of discussion as council meets at city hall today.
There were a total of four power outages that affected the downtown condominium development over an 11-day period this past summer with each blackout lasting between three and 18 hours.
At today’s meeting, Ward 20 Coun. Joe Cressy will table a motion asking Toronto Hydro to conduct an investigation into the outages.
The motion says the investigation should look at the “potential causes” of the outages and make recommendations on “preventative measures” that could be taken to prevent future incidents. As well, the motion calls on the utility to look at “communications protocol during the incidents” and how they could be improved and “hydro capacity and planning in the local neighbourhood” in general.
“We must ensure that our existing neighbourhoods have the infrastructure they need to access critical services like electricity. We have a responsibility to ensure that our residents have access to these services, and that our public energy provider is accountable to our communities,” Cressy writes in his motion. “It is critical and urgent that we determine why the existing infrastructure has not been providing a reliable supply of electricity to the neighbourhood. Toronto Hydro has already replaced one of the cables that supplies power to CityPlace and now we need to understand if more work must be done.”
On Wednesday, council worked through most of their agenda for the two-day meeting, approving, among other things, about $2.4 million in funding to study an ambitious proposal to build a park atop a downtown rail corridor.
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