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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BeN iLLa Feat. Word - Fly Mode (Prod. By E. Smitty)

Dave Chappelle's television 

return and a live performance 

from Tribe Called

 Quest on SNL?  

Yes, strangely a climate 

change is definitely coming

 & optimism is in the air.

  What a time 

to be making Hip Hop music 

that represents the people & the 

culture, fast-forward to this new banger from BeN 

iLLa & Word featuring a slappin sample from none other 

than Tribe Called Quest & who else, yup you guessed it, 

another E. Smitty banger.  Sure to keep your heads ringing, BeN 

iLLa & Word deliver "Fly Mode" the next single off his fourth-

coming album "Soldier Of The Universe Part 2" grab this now on 

#iTunes or your favorite online retailer.  

Twitter: @BeniLLa_Music


Twitter: @sound_alive_rec

Available Now @
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