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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mister-not so wonderful.

To the Editor. Mister-not so wonderful.

President Trump promised to protect and create jobs for Americans, and he wants to build a massive wall between the US and Mexico, and have Mexico pay for it. 
This is just as ridiculous as Canada’s Kevin O’leary’s Project Erde a Sonnenspiegel im All. In a 44 minute German video, from 2013, it can be seen that Mr. O’Leary financed astronomer Roger Angel’s idea of developing a rocket system that would deliver 16 trillion 60 centimeter in diameter lenses one million miles into outer space, between the earth and sun. The lenses were to form a gigantic umbrella to deflect 2% of the suns rays from reaching the earth, to reduce global warming. 

If all would go well, said Roger Angel, and if we begin now, we would be ready by 2040 to launch a rocket every 20 minutes over a period of 6 and a half years. But there were already 1307 potential and real failures, which upset Kevin so much that he said he would slash his wrist if he was them, meaning the people who worked for him. 

It is no secret that Mr. O’Leary is interested in money, and only money, and said ‘It’s fantastic’ that 3 and a half billion people are poor, as they all could aspire to become like him. Very stupid. There is one thing that one must give him credit for - he is honest, maybe not always, but he does what he says. 

Can we say the same thing of our present Prime Minister? Because people are waking up angry, as they realize they have been deceived, and vowing to get rid of him in the next election, for breaking his promise that 2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system, etc.

And then what? Elect ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Kevin O’Leary? 

I don’t know If Mr. O’Leary is still working on this foolish space umbrella, which would cost an insane amount of money and resources, and produce massive amounts of waste and greenhouse gases. But the fact that he believed and financed such an insane project in the first place, which later would be financed with taxpayers’ money, makes him, well - not a very sane person. And he wants to be PM and emulate Trump? These two are a disaster for the planet.

Mr. O’Leary would not have talked or listened to me 30 years ago, when I discovered how poverty and global warming could be dealt with, as there is no money in it for him, because that is THE problem. 

I would not want to talk with him alone today, as he is too much in love with himself. But if there are some students, in any university, who are concerned about their future and our planet, and who can organize a conversation/debate with Kevin, I’ll be there. Provided of course it’s not too scary what can be read about me on the internet. One last thought.

“Only with honesty, truth and justice can there be a healthy future for our species, and those on the extinction list, and I don’t see any of it — anywhere.”

Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna
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