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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Canadians continue to battle floodwaters from coast to coast

Across the country, thousands of Canadians are spending the weekend in a desperate struggle with rising floodwaters caused by unusually persistent rainfall.
Floodwaters in Quebec are expected to peak today due to continued rain in most of the affected areas.
In total, nearly 1,900 homes are flooded in 126 municipalities. More than a thousand residents were evacuated and more than 400 roads are affected.
The Canadian Armed Forces today says it will double its staff to help flood victims in Quebec. More than 400 army personnel were deployed to the western and central part of the province Saturday as high water threatened hundreds of residences, including some in the Montreal area.
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says the city has 30 Canadian Forces personnel helping firefighters and other emergency responders with the flood response.
The town of Rigaud near Montreal has been the most affected and a state of emergency was declared Sunday.
The mayor also issued a mandatory evacuation order to residents in flooded areas.
In Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick has taken the hardest hit with 100 millimetres of rain falling in some areas in just two days – and Environment Canada warns there’s more to come today.
In British Columbia, rain combined with warm temperatures have accelerated the melting of the snowpack, which has resulted in flooding and mudslides throughout the province.
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